Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bit Defender Paypal warns against false-mails

Other pay services such as Abbey or Halifax serve as alleged sender. The log-in information will be gradually stolen. No other mesh currently used so often. Pay Pal logo Bit defender warns of fake e-mails from online payment services like Pay Pal, Abbey or Halifax. They are currently among the most commonly used in phishing attacks, says the "E-Threat Landscape Report".

The cyber criminals use Bit defender as the strategy of gradual information theft (cascade effect). First, the potential victim receives a message to him is the ultimate open-source anti virus solution on a link to download offers. Bit Defender is an anti virus software suite developed by Romanian-based software company SOFTWIN. Bit Defender range includes anti virus products for home users, businesses, enterprise users and Internet service providers. Follow this link to the recipient, he is not the promised security software, but is run by a self-extracting EXE file requested, which contains malicious code. Their purpose is to provide the contents of C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc should be replaced and so the behavior of the Web browser to modify.

Would like the victim in the future, an online payment service like Pay Pal, Abbey or Halifax that directs the browser the user manipulated secretly on a similar looking phishing page. It contains further malware, enabling passwords, credit card numbers, security codes, home and e-mail addresses and other sensitive data step by step ausspioniert be. The analysis of Bit defender experts revealed that the fake pages of domains mainly from China and Korea come.
"The poor economic situation has led to a completely new phenomenon of cyber crime emerge, so Vlad Valceanu, Head of Bit Defender Anti-spam Research." The latest trends show alarming aspects: Firstly, the number of phishing attacks has increased since the beginning of the year. Secondly, the complexity and aggressiveness of the attacks increased dramatically. And thirdly, the number of victims has increased drastically. "

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