Tuesday, June 9, 2009

File Sharing in Windows XP

In Windows XP, we can share files and documents with other users on your computer and with other users on a network. There is a new user interface (UI) named Simple File Sharing and a new Shared Documents feature. Windows xp is capable of sharing files and folders among remote and local users, if they are part of the same home or office network. Sharing of file and setting of permission on the folder are two different things, Normally NTFs file system has advance features of setting permission on the file and folder, accoring to the requirement of the administrator of that file .
Every file or folder inside the parent folder will get the default permission as their parent folder , for example vista is a folder and vista 1, vista 2 and vista 3 are the 3 files inside vista folder and permission of read is given to a user named as Ram then ram can only read Vista 1, Vista 2, Vista 3 ram cannot edit these files at all.
We can share file and folder with group and user permission in the home network by following these steps:--
1. Open the folder which you plan to share, go to Tools and click Folder Options.
2. Folder Options window will appear. Click View tab, scroll down in Advanced settings section and uncheck Use simple file sharing. Click on "OK" tab.
3. Now Right click the folder and click Sharing and Security.
4. Your folder properties window will appear. Click Share this folder and proceed to change the quantity of users that allowed to connect to this shared folder at the same time. You can also change the shared folder name. Later click Permissions
5. Folder Permissions window will appear. Here is the place where you set the users or groups that can access this shared folder over the network. In this case, I only allow Alice to access this folder with read permission. Click on "OK" tab.
6. Back to your shared folder properties, select Security tab and here you can set the permissions for allowing the users and groups to access this folder from this computer. Here I only allow Administrators, my username Benny, creator owner
and Alice (read permission only) to access this folder. Click on "OK" tab.
7. Once you have shared the folder, you will see there is a hand supporting your folder. You have successfully shared your folder. Finally you can share file by putting in this folder.

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