Thursday, June 25, 2009

Importance of Antiviruses Software Programs

In today modern world, Anti-virus softwares program plays an important role in ensuring the proper function of the computer. An antivirus is basically a software code that is written to protect the computer from potential viruses. A virus is basically a program code that effects the computer function and performance. A virus is a unwanted piece of code that infect the computer function without the permission of the users.

There are generally some types of virus like :--
1. Malware :-- It is malicious software, Which is mainly responsible for the improper function of the computer that leads to the infected data, decrease in performance or allow multiple unwanted spams.
2. Adware :-- As it name is suggesting, It is a software program that display the advertisements on the screen. It is usually tracks the record of the users browsing habits. It is unwanted program and run on the computer without the knowledge and permission of the user.
3. Spyware :-- It is a software that is designed by third party to gather the informations of user or an organization. It is also a unwanted program and run on the computer without the knowledge and permission of the user.

All the above different types of viruses can be managed by the different kinds of anti-viruses. There are plenty of anti-viruses available in the computer market like Mcafee, Norton, Avg, Avast, Panda, Kaspersky and many more. There are also some which have been effectively used for the malware and spyware for example "Anti-Malwarebytes" and "Super-Antispyware". These two softwares are effectively and efficiently manage the spywares and malwares but before using these softwares we need to update them periodically.

An antivirus software program basically have all updated definition of the viruses. A virus mainly attacks on the user computer by targeting the "host file" and ".exe files" of the application programs and operating system. In this case, An antivirus software program recognizes the virus definition and performed the needful action based on that result. So, In this manner an antivirus software program block the functions of the viruses and protects the computer to perform the function efficiently and effectively. We have to remember one important point that we need to update an antivirus software program on the regular basis. It helps to get the new updated definitions of the viruses, otherwise an antivirus will be unable to recognize the viruses based on their definitions.

An antivirus software programs have some key features like :--
1. Internet Security :- Antivirus provides the protection against all the Internet threats.
2. Spam Filtering :- This feature is used to filter all the spams.
3. Email Security :- This feature is used to provide the email security
4. Firewall :- This feature is used to avoid the unauthorized access to the network.
5. Virus Alert :- This feature provide the warning alerts against the viruses.

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