Sunday, June 28, 2009

Windows 7: Microsoft promises that its next OS will be tailored to netBook

Microsoft has not seen the phenomenon of coming netBook, these mini laptops that have emerged on the market for several months and for prices ranging between 250 and 400 euros. Later operating system, manufacturers have started to equip their systems Linux netBook, perfectly sized for small configurations (in Intel Atom and a limited amount of RAM). To track the movement and do not miss the boat, well Microsoft has a solution to manufacturers of netBook, as an alternative to Windows Vista, too greedy in resources. The editor had to cut out the good old Windows XP, whose lifespan was extended to serve this lucrative market. A solution can only be temporary.

At PDC 2008 (Professional Developers Conference), Microsoft has unveiled part of its next operating system Windows 7. During the presentation of the new OS, the editor pointed out that one of the key areas of development of Windows 7 was the platform that works well on modest hardware configurations.

The next Microsoft operating system would be lighter, and its interface and its embedded software such as Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Explorer. It is also bear (native) tactile manipulation. Capacity clearly put forward to address the emerging market for PC tactile, but also for netBook. Indeed, mini laptops with touch screens are part of plans for manufacturers like Asus, beginning in 2009.

Remains to be seen whether Windows 7 will not arrive a little late on the market currently netBook exploding. It's commercial launch in 22 October 2009, is still far from certain. The "pre beta" distributed to developers at the PDC should be
followed by a true beta in early 2009. The commercial launch of a finalized version is planned at the end of the year 2009 or even 2010.

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