Thursday, July 2, 2009

Agreement between Cisco and the Free Software Foundation

The U.S. giant has pledged to publish the source code of its wireless router Linksys WRT54G based on Linux and make a donation to the Free Software Foundation in exchange for the stay. Cisco and the Free Software Foundation have announced a mutual agreement reached to end the ongoing prosecution for copyright infringement. The American manufacturer undertakes to make available all the source code of its products and Linksys to make a contribution to the FSF, whose amount was not disclosed.

This is the end of an arm-wrestling started in 2003. At that time, the Free Software Foundation has addressed the complaints of users of wireless router Linksys WRT54G, who said they can not have all the source codes of the product based on Linux yet. Cisco and Free Software Foundation has announced to have a friendly agreement to put an end to the continuations in progress for violation of rights D `author. After unsuccessful attempts to get Cisco to meet its obligations, the FSF decided last year to bring the matter before the courts.

"Our goal is not to hinder trade and make money. We want compliance. A company selling free software should have no problem with that, "said one of its spokesmen. Cisco will appoint a person responsible for ensuring that this "compliance" is now correctly applied.

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