Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is Vista the new Windows ME?

At the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in late October, Microsoft will release Windows 7. Windows Vista have unstable drivers, incompatible software, lower performance, features, and deleted the messages annoying User Account Control (UAC). They has been improved technically with Service Pack 1 and the ecosystem but the poor image remained.

Whether the 300-million-dollar advertising campaign ( "Life wihout Walls," "I'm a PC") can help, is still open. Anyway, for example, ads in the Windows Vista do not appear, but only Windows. Apparently Microsoft wants the splendor of his mark for the future a little polish up, especially for the era after Vista. It’s fair to say that over a year after its launch, Windows Vista has not been the giant success story that Microsoft probably hoped it would be. A large number of potential Vista users have either stuck with XP, or they have tried Vista and decided to downgrade.

All the drivers and applications that work under Vista, will also run Windows 7. The new OS is in the comfortable situation, that of its predecessor, the thankless task, for example through the introduction of User Account Control to adapt the applications in practice. Microsoft has in the engineering-7-blog produced figures that the UAC notifications significantly decreased. Even the drivers are now largely stable. If Microsoft creates Windows 7 with some interesting features and some fine-tuning in the autumn of 2009 on the market, Vista is quickly forgotten. A similar fate suffered in the fall of 2000 when Windows ME was launched.

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