Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mozilla Firefox 3.5: Bug in series and an update in mid-July

While it has attracted more than 8.5 million users since its launch three days ago, Firefox 3.5 has a number of bugs that effect the speed and stability of the browser. Mozilla has already announced an update by the end of the July month. According to the latest figures on the clock Official downloads of Mozilla, Firefox 3.5 has been adopted by almost 9 million users. Firefox 3.5 is facing the many issues on th e different operating systems. Firefox 3.5 is quite slow because there are already 55 bugs. Even, its stability goes down.

Mozilla has reacted quickly and announced that an update (Firefox 3.5.1) should be available by mid-July. The publisher of Firefox has already experienced this kind of situation with version 3.0. This time, it appears that the primary cause of these bugs cascading comes the brand new browser Java Script engine, Trace Monkey. This should provide increased speed of navigation and display applications 2.0. Firefox 3.5 also loads a new HTML rendering engine Gecko.

The browser is available as a final since June 30 after three release candidate. Many users are waiting for next update from Mozilla and it will be interesting to watch that how Mozilla is going to meet the users expectations. It is also very important to rectify these bugs to make good competition with other browsers likes Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8, Opera and many more.

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