Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ofiice 2010 revealed in great detail via Microsoft videos

In the clips, There are new features of the upcoming version of Office presented. These include Power Point Broadcast, Slicer "for Excel, Document Map "for Word and Quick Steps "for Outlook. Meanwhile, Microsoft has shut down the site again.
Microsoft has apparently inadvertently created a website with videos about the new features of Office 2010. The mini-site was only online briefly, but long enough that a copy in the Google cache was able to land. Blogger Long Zheng shows the
films on his website www.istartedsomething.com.

The videos provide Microsoft employees of selected key features of Office applications. A focus on online collaboration. A user can be with PowerPoint 2010 and a Share Point server, such as by Power Point Broadcast "a presentation directly to the PC to send a colleague. This provides for the presentation directly in the browser without having Power Point installed on them. Web Applications using the 2010 edit field staff to travel via a browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari Office documents in the company. Here they get a similar surface, including the Design Ribbon (Office Fluent), as in the applications themselves

Microsoft Mobile Office 2010 offers programs for mobile phones. An interesting feature, As mobile browsers are Office documents on a specific server open. These documents are then transferred from the server to a web page view, and as the
site is converted to the mobile device. Thus, each phone with the browser can open these documents. Otherwise, the videos show various new features of the individual Office programs: The "Slicer" for Excel 2010, with the individual parts of a data collection. The "Document Map" for Word 2010, an outline view with full-text search and editing capabilities, and the "Quick Steps" in Outlook 2010 to automate work flows without macro programming.

Office 2010 is the first version of Office software suite, as the 32 and 64-bit version will be available. The market is no longer in this year, but the beginning of 2010. Parallel to the client to develop Microsoft AJAX and Silverlight-based Web-based version. But it should not be the complete functional range offering. Even in July,Microsoft wants a technical preview version to selected developers distribute.

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