Thursday, July 16, 2009

SAP Business ByDesign opens for Web services

The supported services include Google applications, and three card services. Even stock news Mashup can be inserted into the surface and with the next version will offer further expanded. SAP has an on-demand Business ByDesign SME solution for online services of other open businesses. Now just a few steps, card services or search engines as so-called mashups to integrate SAP surface. Three of the other services -- MapQuest, Navteq/Map24, and Falk Online -- have a similar focus. In addition, Business ByDesign users can tap, a German directory assistance provider; the Morningstar investment research service; and Google's Maps, Product Search, News, and Finance services.

The SAP software is now available for Web Business Wire, Falk online, various Google services,, Hoover's, MapQuest, Morningstar and Navteq Map24 preconfigured. These services are intended for users in the markets of China, France, Germany, India, Britain and the United States. When Falk online routes can be planned within Europe. With Map24 Navteq is another map service, for example, suppliers abroad helps locate. However, SAP's announcement does not highlight Business ByDesign's slow path to market. SAP initially announced the SMB-focused suite in late 2007, and predicted sales would reach $1 billion and 10,000 customers by 2010.

Through a pre-configured interface to Google users get access to Google Web Search, Google News, Google Finance, Google Maps and Google Product Search. "By offering our services within this solution, users can still be productive," said Bruno Bourguet, Senior Vice President of Sales at Navteq. This integration is a successful example of how web services in a business environment could generate added value. Thus, it is about Navteq, for example, the shortest route for a salesman to calculate. With the next version of Business ByDesign, which for the third quarter of 2009 is planned to SAP, the number of integrated Web services.

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